Deep River Woodworking Association (DRWA)

last updated September 29, 2011

How do I sign up on the Club clean up roster?

(every member must select two days)

Detailed contact information is posted on the entrance door at the Club.

Click Here for the List of Woodworking Courses in 2011 

Where do I submit my membership form?  

Please contact James Istchenko.

Detailed contact information is posted on the entrance door at the Club.

A link to the membership form is included further below on this page.

List of Executives for 2011 (detailed contact information is posted in the Club)


Dave Howe




Greg Csullog


Phil Deacon

Building Steward

Glen Kyle

Membership Steward

James Istchenko

Tool Steward

Mike Milgram

Members at Large

Hank vanderHorn



The EM was held on Fri Sept 23rd, 2011 at 7:00 PM

minutes EM 2011.09.23


The AGM was held on Tues Oct 4th, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Woodworking Club.

minutes AGM 2011.10.04 (320 KB PDF file)

  Treasurer's Reports: September 29, 2011

Treasurer's Letter to the DRWA President (57 KB PDF file)

Treasurer's Report (82 KB PDF file)  

Cash Flow 2010-2011 (14 KB PDF file)

Information and Forms for DRWA Members

DRWA Manual (76 KB PDF file)

DRWA Membership Form 2011-12 (36 KB PDF file)

Tags (32 KB PDF file): for printing and attaching to your projects in the club (to mark your materials)


minutes exec. meeting 2009.11.27 (57 KB PDF file)

minutes AGM 2009.10.06 (41 KB PDF file)

minutes of exec. mtg 2010.09.02 (45 KB PDF file)

(the files referenced in the above appear to the right)


2008-2009 income tax report (76 KB PDF file)

Overview of Financial Reports (49 KB PDF file)

09/10 finances (to 2010/08/31) (12 KB PDF file)

09/10 budget (to 2010/08/31) (82 KB PDF file)


AGM 2010 Minutes (47 KB PDF file)

Treasurer's Report 2010 (179 KB PDF file)

Cash Flow 2009-2010 (12 KB PDF file)

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